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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 23, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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i consider it a possibility as far as our mission to retrieve sierra for her to come back to us. sierra lamar's mother clings to hope her daughter will soon be found. this comes as a new search begins and we're learning more about the suspect in the case. good afternoon, everyone. the case against sierra lamar suspected kidnapper is just a day away from going to court.
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tara moriarity is live at the courthouse in morgan hill with new information on the story >> reporter: that's right, mike. about 20 minutes ago we heard from the d.a. and initially the arraignment was supposed to happen here at the courthouse in morgan hill but instead we've learned it will happen in san jose, tomorrow afternoon. antolin garcia torres awaits arraignment after being arrested on one count every kidnapping and one count of murder for sierra lamar. detectives found her dna in the suspect's red jetta, and they were keeping him on surveillance in the hopes he would leave them to the body >> but it speaks to somebody messed up there in letting him know that. >> garcia torres' muss told cute she spoke had her son and he said he never met sierra. law enforcement has linked him to at least one of three attacks on women in safeway parking lots where he worked in march of 2009. >> why didn't you arrest him before for that? >> this attorney says police
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shouldn't jump to conclusions about the suspect. >> i just know what they use that for and that's an emotional button to push, and i don't like that. that's unfair >> the sheriff has also said that dna evidence found in sierra's discarded clothing near her home implicates antolin. >> d.a. is taking a chance. >> if the d.a. doesn't have enough evidence in the jury finds him not guilty, it would be disastrous. >> they could not retry him if they find the body in a year and there's evidence on that body that shows he did it. the game is over. >> reporter: now some wonder if antolin faces the death penalty, will he tell authorities where the body is in order to save his own life? that did come into place in the 2008 murder trial of hance riser when the computer programmer led authorities to the body of his wife nina, a doctor from russia. his charges were downgraded from first to second-degree murder. he says that decision is oftentimes left up to the people, and usually they will choose to know where the body
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is so they can have closure. tara moriarity, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a new so much effort for sierra lamar is going on right now in morgan hill. it's the first search since investigators announced an arrest in the case. alex savage tells white house is what is motivating volunteers. >> reporter: volunteers formed a circle, bowed heads and offered a prayer for sierra lamar, even though investigators say the teenager was likely killed, searchers are staying positive. >> people aren't depressed or bound. everybody is here and full of energy. so we've been here for a long time. we're not going away. >> close to 150 people joined in the search today with many teams focusing on the reservoir south of morgan hill. that's the spot where sheriff's dive teams have been looking, after finding out her suspected killer went fishing here
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shortly after the 15-year-old went missing. sierra's mother came to the search center today, motivated in her mission to bring her daughter home. >> we're just not satisfied with someone in custody. we still want her back and we'll never give up. >> she says she still considers this an open case and will continue to have hope until sierra as's body is found. organizers expect the community to continue to support the search effort and just today and several dozen brand-new volunteers take part. alex savage, ktvu channel 2. a wind driven fire in eastern contra costa county has destroyed two homes, we first told you about this on ktvu morning news. it started arch 3 this morning on stone road and bethel island road on bethel island. when crews from the contra costa fire protection district arrived, though found two
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houses engulfed in flames. firefighters from the contra costa county fire joined in the fight. they had to battle strong winds there and bring in all of their own water. >> because the lack of fire hydrants, which means no water supply, water had to be shuttled in by water -- >> the fire came through the front window and -- and then i run through the back and my back porch is on fire. i didn't have nothing -- get nothing but my -- [not understandable] >> no one was hurt, and there's no word on the cause of that fire. president obama will land in the bay area tonight. his trip was slated to have three fund-raising stops after attending palo alto, but palo alto police are now confirming the event there for tomorrow morning has been cancelled with no reason given. as ktvu's claudine wong reports, preparations in redwood city, though, are underway. >> reporter: inside this bakery just a block away from the fox
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theater, the shop is only half staffed, in preparation foreclosing early today. >> it was unanimous that they were not going to show up or try to leave before 2:00. >> the president started his day in colorado, but will end it here in the bay area. three fund-raising events are now down to two, both tonight. a private dinner in atherton and a big rally here at the fox theater and redwood city. the vice mayor hopes the president talks specifically about economic recovery, but experts say that's not likely. >> it's been a tough few years, as you know. helping businesses get through the trough and come out the back end, i think it's like a great value to everybody. >> the state issue is not -- and he doesn't feel the pressure. he goes to nevada, he has pressure, same in colorado, ohio, florida but not big blue california. >> officials say either way the visit puts redwood city in the spotlight. some businesses like this one here are hoping the president's visit gives them to an economic boost. they just opened this month, so tonight they're going to leave
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their doors open. this morning, crews were getting ready for a long day. >> if there's a lot of people which i -- suspect, then we might get a little crowd, as far as have a beer or having something to eat. >> it won't be a long trip and with tomorrow morning's event cancelled, it may get even shorter. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. social networking will play a big role during the president's visit to redwood city. >> our command post, we have one of our social media people there, and all they will be doing is on their twitter or facebook, just give the folks that aren't able to be here a feel what is going on in the downtown. >> the police chief says he has had a social media team in place for about five months. it will let the public know about traffic problems and give this. a realtime look at the fund- raising event. while president obama attends
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fund-raisers tonight, john boehner will be just a few miles away at his own fund- raiser. he will be at the hall of business man in woodside for what is called a roundtable discussion. tickets cost between 1 and $35,000. the controversy over facebook stock debut heated up this morning with claims that underwriter morgan stanley misled share molders. facebook and morgan stanley were hit with a class-action lawsuit today claiming morgan stanley provided false and misleading information and failed to disclose to all investors that facebook's revenue dropped because more people were using its mobile app and viewing fewer ads. facebook says it will fight the suit. the securities and exchange commission also has launched an investigation into morgan stanley's role in the ipo. right now facebook shares are trading at about $32, after opening on friday at $38. we're heading into another major bay area bridge closure. why you may have to plan ahead
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for your commute this weekend. and you may have noticed a cooler temperature out there. but mark says there is something unexpected in the bay area forecast. and the close call for a bay area family when a truck crashed right through a building where people were sleeping. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors...
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a truck smashed right into an apartment building in san francisco rosa last night. and now police are looking for the driver who ran away from the scene. officers say six people were inside the apartment on sunset avenue, including three children. the white chevy pickup crashed into a bedroom where people were sleeping, but no one was hurt. the building has been boarded up to secure the belongings of the displaced residents and engineers will soon check the building's stability. a man involved in a fatal crash in berkeley has been charged with vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk. police say 22-year-old jose was going more than 60 miles per hour when he hit a round-about and tree on california street last friday. his girlfriend, a berkeley graduate, was killed in the crash and her six-year-old son is now on life support. it's a 1.6 mile stretch of roadway connecting fremont to menlo park, and come this
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holiday weekend the dumbarton bridge will be closed. we have information just released about the closure. noel. >> reporter: mike, that closure for the first time in the bridge's history will start at 10:00 friday night and then go until 5:00 tuesday morning. we just got back from a tour to give you an up-close look at why you might be detoured this weekend. >> so they're doing some of the prep work for this weekend's closure, we're standing here mid-span and the place where i'm standing will be gone. this concrete will be re by steel. look here on to the deck. you see that steel plate? that plate is going to be expanded. it's an expansion joint for earthquake safety. so they're moving it from 18 inches to 36 inches. so it will be bigger and stronger. again, this is the primary reason for the closure. let's look underneath. to get from up here to down there, we get a rare view of the dumbarton bridge.
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i'm on a catwalk now about a hundred feet over the bay. so we're on one of work platforms now, you can see they're doing some work over there on that one. what they're doing is they're getting it ready to put berries on -- bearings under the roadway soar and under the bridge at this moment. they're going to raise the roadway between one and five inches and that's getting it ready for seismic bearing. >> we're encouraging motorists to allow extra travel time, take the detours of san mateo bridge and highway 237 and use 511.covering for plans option. and so you're taking a looking at a map. detours. north you would take the san mateo bridge instead of dumbarton bridge. and if you're traveling in the south, it would be 101 to 237 to 880, or in reverse as well. those are the two detours. the bridge will be closed between 10 p.m. friday night if 5 tuesday morning, unless they finish earlier but right now they
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believe it will take all 77 hours to get this work done. reporting live, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. caltrans will shut down the eastbound lanes of highway 4 again tonight as part of an ongoing widening project. the closure will run from leverage road in pittsburg to the summersville exit in antioch, eventually drivers will have a long-term detour in the. project is finished in 2015. late last night antioch city leaders decided against renaming l street for now. the contra costa times says city councilmembers say it's not the right time to spend the $40,000 to change the street signs. the city was considering changing l street to marina parkway as part of a plan to attract more tourists and business to the waterfront. the field of candidates has narrowed to replaced supervisor nadia lockyer. the board has chosen five
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finalists to fill her seat. the other finalists are -- nadia lockyer resigned last month among a drug and sex scandal. public schools could decide to shorted end the school year if governor brown's tax initiative sales. school districts will be allowed to reduce the school year up to 15 days over two academic years if voters don't approve the seals tax in november education could lose $5.5 billion in trigger cuts. currently districts have the option to eliminate five days from the school calendar in order to cut costs. an a fund-raising event to hepburn victims has kicked off in the north bay. a parade of firetrucks it rolling through sonoma and marin county force the relay. the firefighters will be
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picking up donations from various agencies on the way, and so far more than dollars $11,000 have been raised for the burn victims. the parade of firetrucks left at 8:00 this morning and are expected to arrive at southern marin fire station 1 in sausalito around 5:30 tonight. 10 different fire department and law enforcement agent says moat today. fire officials say the trainees will earn about -- learn about safety systems on hybrid and locate vehicles that are different sources of power and what components to avoid in event of a fire. officials say the voltage in electric car could produce a shock, but there is something even more important that first responders should be aware of. >> the chief hazards with the locate and hybrids are their able to move silently.
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fire firefighter coming up to a car not making noise may assume it's off and could injure somebody. >> today's training involved nine of the newest electric and hybrid vehicles in the market. gusty winds took down a big tree in the martinez area overnight. the pine felled on to practice chimpo boulevard after 10:00 last night. it blocked both lanes of the road and took public work crews about an hour and a half to clear that roadway. and gusty winds will remain in the forecast at least over the next one to two days out there. if you have a strong onshore flow developing. right now over san francisco bay, you can see the transamerica pyramid in the foreground, the bay. we have light caps on the bay later today but four this afternoon, mostly clear skies. the latest on the satellite you could see the clear skies overhead with that fog bank way out there in the pacific. we'll go ahead and deploy our buoys and you'll notice the offshore buoys showing stronger
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winds, gusting to 40 miles an hour outside of -- 25 miles outside of san francisco. those winds will as we head in thursday. as far as forecast headlines for today, we do have this. more sunshine, temperatures ranging from low 60s all the way to the lower 80s. thursday and friday we'll really cool off the numbers and we also bring in this, the change to the forecast, the chance of a few showers into friday. but the weekend, no rain threat. temperatures do warm up nicely, especially by sunday and into monday. current numbers are in the 60s to the 70s. so these 70s right now on track to reach the 80-degree mark. later this afternoon. right now livermore 71, san jose in the upper 60s. high pressure still in command of our weather but still a bit breezy nor this afternoon. some changes up to our north. there's a weather system you'll see it's not too impress of in the satellite just yet but the cold air associated with that moves in, so for tomorrow we'll drop things back down into the
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low to mid-70s so the warmest locations. look what happens by friday. no 80s, no 70s. warmest locations only in the mid-60s. it will be windy out there. we also bring in the rain clouds to reflect the chance of a few showers and the slight chance of an isolated thunderstorm. so friday possibly could be an interesting day around here. i'll be watching that. for today, lots of sunshine out there, we'll take this into a thursday morning, maybe a patch or two of fog, but you'll notice the cooling trend and also the gusty winds. winds tomorrow stronger than today, and look what happens into friday. we'll increase the cloud cover and there we go, from the showers in the north and west, not everybody picking up the activity. but still a chance as we head into friday. forecast highs this afternoon, in the 60s for san francisco. santa rosa around 80 degrees. san jose upper 70s, and gilroy forecasting 80. here's a look ahead. your 5-day forecast, with your weekend in view. your weekend rapidly approaching. gusty wind for thursday,
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there's that rain cloud into friday. just a chance for right now, and then you'll notice temperatures dropping off into friday, and then we gradually warm things back up by saturday and into sunday. by sunday, mike, warmest locations inland back up into the upper 70s and memorial day at this . looks fairly nice as well. but we'll be watching the showers. >> right when you think it's over, one more -- >> exactly. could be a strange day. >> thanks, mark. tonight's concert is back on for month ray county high school band following the recovery of a stolen van carrying some $80,000 worth of instruments and other equipment. the van was reported stolen at north monterey county high school in castroville monday morgue morning was abandoned monday night the truck was damaged but it appears all the instruments were still in it. the theft put tonight's spring concert in jeopardy but now it appears the show will go on. and san francisco's gold dust lounge may open up a new
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location. the historic bar is being evicted from its current spot near union square. the bar will close later this week but will reopen and the fisherman's wharf area in four months. the owners are expected to make the official announcement today. waiting for the ax to fall, the latest on reports a giant of silicon valley will be cutting a lot of jobs. also, highmark's for one bay area city when it comes to urban parks. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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lot of red on the board this afternoon. the dow down just about 68 -- right there. nasdaq also down about 8 points. there is one good piece of news, the price of oil is below $90 a barrel for the first time in nearly seven months. as u.s. supplies continue to grow. hewlett-packard is expected to announce soon that it is cutting at least 25,000 jobs. the official announcement is likely to happen when hp are p reports quarterly earnings. the silicon valley pioneer has been struggling and wall street expects it to report revenue failed during the last quarter. san francisco is being recognized for being one of best public park sense in the country. the trust for public land ranked 40 local park systems in the largest cities. there were scored on park accessibility, park size, and the number of playgrounds. san francisco was ranked number
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one, follow by sacramento, boston, new york city, and washington, d.c. also in the top five. it may feel less crowded if you'll be walking or biking a across the golden gate bridge today. the sidewalk on the west side of the bridge is scheduled to reopen. it was shut down in january for improvements at the southern end of the bridge. that meant bicyclists and posed had to share the eastern sidewalk. the last four months. we will find out tonight who will be next -- the next kelly clarkson or kerry underwood. ♪ ♪ . 16-year-old jessica sanchez kicked off last night's "american idol" with the whitney houston hit, i have nothing. the final is between her and phillip phillips, who began with his take of the classic stand by me. he may have the edge, as the judges loved his performances
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last night. steven tyler compared him to paul simon. touch was the "american idol" finale tonight here on ktvu channel 2, beginning at 8 p.m. today on the ktvu channel 2 news at 5, our reporters are digging for more information on the sierra lamar case, as the search we mentioned earlier in this newscast continues for the missing morgan hill teenager. and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks.
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